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Bringing HealthCare Closer, Faster


At Avion, our vision is to transform the healthcare industry by making access to healthcare universal and efficient, regardless of geographic location. 



We connect remote clinics with labs and pharmacies in cities!

Digital Health

Our Innovative platform is designed to provide remote clinics with access to labs and pharmacies. With our platform, clinics can easily connect with healthcare resources regardless of their location, providing vital support to patients in need. 

Our Drones

We provide medical drone delivery service using our tailor designed state of the art eVTOL drones.

Our drone technology enables us to reach even the most challenging locations, providing life-saving support to communities that may have previously been underserved.


At Avion, our autonomous drone flights are a crucial part of our healthcare delivery system, enabling us to transport medical supplies to remote locations quickly and efficiently. Our drones are equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows them to navigate complex terrain, avoid obstacles, and adjust to changing weather conditions, ensuring safe and reliable delivery of critical medical supplies. 

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WHY Avion

A different approach

Avion's unique approach to healthcare delivery is rooted in innovation and technology, using cutting-edge solutions to connect remote clinics with the resources they need to provide the best care possible. 

Avion In Numbers



10 lbs


200+ Clinics

Service Provided

200 Miles


We are backed by:

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